Nokia has officially announced a new camera called OZO

Nokia announced a few days ago that it is preparing to launch a surprise today on July 29, and all we could know at the time that this surprise has to do with cameras dedicated to VR technology .. And we have already confirmed today that our beliefs are correct

Nokia unveils surprise OZO!

Nokia has officially announced a new camera called OZO specially designed for virtual reality technology that will enable the user to record videos from various angles and gives it the nature of 3D

Nokia unveils surprise OZO!

OZO camera as you will see in the video and image enhancement is equipped with several cameras and microphones to record professional videos from all angles

The new OZO camera may reveal a new direction to be developed by the Finnish company in the development of VR technology, and Nokia has not yet revealed the price of this camera but is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year

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