Download Rate Windows 10 is 19 Processes Per Second

It seems that Windows 10 will dominate the market share of operating systems used in the world, after the release of the final version on Wednesday, July 29, millions of users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are moving towards the free upgrade process offered by Microsoft for one year from now until the same date of 2016
Download Rate Windows 10 is 19 Processes Per Second

And confirming the huge promotions prevailing yesterday and an extension in the rest of the coming days that may see a lot of downloads .. Microsoft employee “Jonathan Sombson” posted an official tweet on his Twitter account with a video commented on the tweet saying that this is not true! And the number of downloads increases dramatically
As you will see with me in the video, the rate of downloads and upgrades to Windows 10 is about 19 operations per second
Microsoft said earlier that it expected Windows 10 users to reach 10 billion in the next three years

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