Disney Unveils New Star Wars Guest House

Disney Unveils New Star Wars Guest House

Disney Unveils New Star Wars Guest House

Disney Unveils New Star Wars Guest House
You can no longer watch Star Wars and imagine that you are only part of it, but you can be part of this world on the ground and experience the Journey to a distant galaxy. In the Star Wars theme park at Disney World in Orlando you will enjoy traveling to a distant galaxy by spending two nights at a hotel called Star Wars. Disney announced the details of the project as part of a two-hour presentation on Disney Parks and Experiences at the company’s D23 EXPO, featuring new information on Spider-Man, Moana’s Landmark and a complete renovation of the Epcot theme park. At the Star Wars Hotel, guests will board the Halcyon, a legendary ship with an unparalleled level of service, said Innovation Director Moro Johnson. Some of the guests have recorded the enjoyment of the voyage as they board the ship and when they enter the ship interact with a crew of aliens, and learn about the systems of navigation and defense of the ship and training with optical swords, and enjoy spending a day outside the ship in Batu, a fantasy planet in the city of Galaxy’s Edge in Disney.

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